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What we do

Our customers work hard for their money, so we’re making it easier to send it. We’ll get your money to those who need it quickly, securely, and at low-cost – making sure your hard work goes further

What we stand for

We believe in helping our customers’ hard work go further. We’ve helped millions of children to go to school, helped thousands of people to receive medical treatment and, every week, we help tens of thousands of people to pay their bills.

We bring online money transfer into the modern world – and most importantly, we do it all with the creativity, imagination and colourful spirit of our customers!

The future of our global success

The work we’re doing is making a splash in the fintech industry too.We have invested $200 million in us – and as early backers of the likes of Facebook, Spotify and Netflix, we know we’re in good company! Not only that, but we’re also a member of TechCity UK’s prestigious FutureFifty.

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